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From an idea that started with the Boyertown Area School District Diversity Committee, community members have gathered together to collect 6 million pop tabs as a way to see what 6 million looks like. Why 6 million? Because there were 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust due to racial and ethnic intolerance. The idea was spawned after several area leaders viewed the movie Paper Clips, the true story of a Tennessee school that set out to collect 6 million paper clips.

In Boyertown, it was decided to collect pop tabs because many local organizations and school groups already collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. When the goal of 6 million is met, all tabs will be donated to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

Boyertown school students have already been encouraged to begin collecting tabs throughout the summer. Students at Junior High West viewed the movie Paper Clips after Principal Greg Galtere became enthusiastic about the idea. Students at Junior High East were challenged by Principal Andrew Ruppert with a series of questions related to the campaign. Flyers went to all students� homes in report card envelopes to remind everyone to save their pop tabs.

In order to complete this monumental task every household is encouraged to start a container for collecting pop tabs. Look for containers with the �Pop a Tab� label to begin appearing in Boyertown area businesses. For now, pop tabs can be dropped off at the Gilbertsville McDonald�s.

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