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Boyertown, Pennsylvania, is a small, rural community with an estimated population of 4,055 people. Boyertown lacks many of the problems of major cities, but serious problems were brewing behind the scenes. Boyertown became aware of these problems when a cross burning incident occurred in 2003. The perpetrator was caught; however, this event triggered other intolerable events.

Racial slurs were found scrolled on a lavatory stall at Boyertown Junior High West. When prejudice enters both the community and schools, it�s time to pull your head out of the sand and take action. And that is just what Boyertown did!

A Unity Walk was established in 2003. The organizers wanted to show a unified community, coming together to battle hate. Nearly 100 walkers took part in the first walk. But this was only the beginning.

With the assistance of the Anti-Defamation League of Philadelphia, Boyertown Junior High West then took the lead with three major school events to increase student awareness of prejudice. These events included Unite with West, NPFH T-Shirt Design Contest, and the Dance Marathon. The Resolution of Respect was signed by every student and staff member in the building. These events helped West to be recognized as the first school in Pennsylvania to achieve the honor of a "No Place for Hate" school.

The rest of the schools in the Boyertown Area School District soon followed suit. Now all of the schools are recognized as �No Place for Hate� schools.

The incident that caused the need to establish �No Place for Hate� schools was a negative experience that proved to be a positive force in lifting prejudice in Boyertown.

Unite With West

Staff and Students of Junior High West
(Unite � 9th Grade, With � 8th Grade, and West � 7th Grade)

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